Saturday, January 2, 2010

Combo blog.

We did so much today it's great! We went to look at new chairs at another store but our first store is still the best deal. Now we just need to see another store and then we'll go to the best of the three.

We also went to Walmart and Steve got the rest of my Christmas present which since it was late (not that he doesn't like to shop for me but the gift I wanted - external harddrive - was cheaper after Christmas so I asked him to wait and he had a lot of money left over in my budget) is all fitness oriented. I got a great stop watch for when I start running outside and some ankle weights for when I lose weight and want to burn more calories by adding some more weight and a day planner to use in tracking my progress for the marathon from day to day.

The other exciting thing we got was a jogging stroller so we can really run with Lillian outside. We looked on classified adds but couldn't find one and since we want to start going outside with her very soon we needed one now. We've ordered a Baby Jogger stroller and they are delivering it on Monday. I'm very excited because it works on any surface (even sand) and has 12 and 16 inch wheels so it can make it through the snow in our neighborhood right now.

So for my run today I did 3.2 miles in 45 minutes and managed to run for 30 full minutes at 4.6 miles per hour, so that was a big thing for me. Tomorrow or Monday will have to be my day of rest since I'm only planning to run a max of 3 days in a row without a rest. Hopefully I'll have the strength to run tomorrow too.

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