Monday, January 11, 2010

Crushing my expectations!

Today I had high hopes of hitting 5.0 miles on my treadmill within 65 minutes. Instead I managed to hit 5.3 miles in 70 minutes. I feel fantastic. I was blessed to have a baby who wanted to nap for two hours today. Long enough to let me get settled and run for 70 minutes, then take a shower and eat my sandwich before she woke up and needed a new diaper. I am truely blessed! Now she is playing on her mat while I eat my salad. She doesn't seem to be hungry yet so rather than fighting her I'm going to wait for her to scream for it since she seems to be more interested in playing with her food today than eating it, and when you're nursing that gets a bit frustrating.

Tomorrow will be a challenge to get exercise in since I'm going to visit my girl friends and their babies and it takes an hour and a half to drive there and back so all of Lillian's napping will be done in the car. Maybe Steve can take her for a bit so I can at least do yoga or run for a bit. I may not beat my 5.3 miles tomorrow but I will at least do something to get my butt in gear.

So this weekend I joinged the X-weighted challenge. I'm very excited because I've watched all 3 seasons online while running on the treadmill and it actually inspired me to want to run the Waterloo half marathon because I figured having a goal for when I run would be better than just running for nothing. And then when I found out X-weighted was doing an online challenge I got very excited. So I joined and posted my before photo which is NOT going on my blog here (at least not until I have a great after shot), and did all my stuff. I'm 190lbs now and it says I should get down to 150lbs which is where I hoped to be after I lose my baby weight and a bit more. So let's see how much I manage to lose by training for my half marathon and after that I'll have 10 more weeks of the X-weighted challenge to drop the remaining!

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  1. You forgot to tell them how you won the battle against the chocolate cake!