Sunday, January 17, 2010


In the comments of a previous post someone asked me if I've always been a runner.

I have been heavey since grade 11 and in first year university I started to run when I was stressed from school and couldn't sleep. I was quite the night owl and would find myself in the residence gym at 3am jogging with my thoughts. I did some serious running the summer between first and second year of university. I typically ran between 4 and 9 km depending on my work schedule. I worked two jobs, one at my step mother's bakery the other at my step sister's pizza place. One went 8-4 everyday the other 6-12am some days. When I had a bit of time I did 4km, and when I didn't work I did 9km. I loved it, and felt really great, but once I got back to school, I lived off campus and it just didn't happen anymore.

After I got married I kept working out but just didn't have any real passion for running. I walked to school and work after I graduated and got a full time job on campus but that was it until we moved into our first house. We are of the motto buy your second home first (thanks mom for telling me that since I was 6) and have a lot of space for a couple with one new baby. My husband always loved running and I found that I hated going to the gym but loved running once I got there. We figured if we bought a treadmill it would save me time and let me work out late at night, which I still enjoy. We bought a lifefitness and had it delivered to our place and I love it. I like to read or watch tv on the treadmill and it lets me do that. I started to run to get a quick workout in while trying to loose the weight I gained after we got married. It went great and worked and in 6 months I was down to my wedding weight, only to find out I was pregnant (which was planned).

Now I have a beautiful baby girl who is 3 months old and need to lose my baby weight to get back to my wedding weight and then a bit more. I ended December running an average of 2.2 miles and taking about 30 minutes. I was my goal to just loose the baby weight but after watching a lot of x-weighted while nursing I figured I should have a goal. On Dec 31st I spontaniously decided to run a half-marathon in Waterloo as my new year's resolution. My husband loved the idea and said he'd do it too. So I started to train seriously, and since January first have gone from running 30 minutes to my 95 I did yesterday, and from 2.2 miles up to 7.1 miles. I love the way I feel when I run and I know it's a great way to stay healthy for my daughter so I plan to keep it up.

I find having the marathon goal is keeping me on track so far, and gives me something to strive for. I even bought a book on it, to keep my safe. Now I just have to find the time to run while taking care of my daughter but since my husband is so supportive of my running it's pretty easy. I'm really lucky that way. So today there was no running because life got in the way and that will happen, but it just means that tomorrow I will kick some butt and either run the new, longer outside route I found, or kick my treadmill's butt!

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  1. Thanks for sharing.....I want to try running in the spring but I have never been a runner. I am doing my research now.