Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I maxed out the treadmill

So today I ran really hard on our treadmill and actually went as far as I could on it. After 99 minutes it stops. So sad. It means when I practice my 13 miles I'll have to stop 1/2 way through and restart because my treadmill will get sad and stop. I feel great though. I ran to its max and hit 7.3 miles and it was awesome, once it got going. I got upset because I had to keep stopping the first little bit to adjust my laptop because our speakers were having issues but my husband made me feel much better.

So today I once again ran further than before and according to my chart of where I should be in my training now I'm kicking butt! I wasn't supposed to hit 7 miles until the first week of February so I am way ahead. That makes me feel great because I have lots of extra time just in case something comes up, like life, and I have to miss some days. I also had the major munchies today and it took all my willpower to not eat half the pantry, but my stir fry for dinner was great, and after my run I treated myself to a half bagel with cream cheese to refuel my body.

Now I'm resting and waiting for my munchkin to go to sleep so I can get a nice long sleep too. Let's see if she cooperates for me! :)

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