Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm so addicted to running!

Today was great! I bought a book on running a marathon at chapters thanks to a special friend who gave me a chapters gift card for my birthday. I’m thrilled with it and it will help me know what to eat and how to train without hurting myself.

I have been watching a lot of food network online while nursing Lillian and so decided that I would make homemade tortellini today and my husband decided to help. He made spaghetti and linguine and I did ricotta, goat cheese and spinach tortellini and it tasted amazing. I really needed it after my run today. The day off and run outside yesterday was great because today I really pushed myself and I not only beat my old distance, I passed the 7 mile mark. I will be running a 13 mile half marathon and I ran 6.5 miles in 1 hour, 24 minutes and 48 seconds! So I can totally run the marathon in less than three hours which is my goal. Yippy! I know I’ll be sore tomorrow so I may have to do something that isn’t running but I felt so alive when I ran today. I felt like I could keep going and I only stopped because I felt my baby needed me, and she did. She had finished her 6 oz bottle and was still hungry so I had to feed her. I did have to laugh because my treadmill only goes up to 99 minutes and I hit 95 today so next time I’ll have to set it to 95, record the stats when I hit 7 miles and them run more. I am a bit sad because the treadmill says I burned 985 calories and I really wanted to know if it goes back to 1 or if it had a fourth number for calories. Well guess I have something to strive for next time!

Enjoy the photos of my tortellini!


  1. Wow! When did you start running or have you been a runner all along?

  2. Yes I have the same question? You are doing fantastic! Keep it up!