Sunday, January 24, 2010

Impressive Effort.

So today I ran outside again with Lillian and while I didn't beat my best time 46:21 for the 5.2km run I hit 47:11 and considering there were 30km/hr wind and pouring rain and really cold I am more than thrilled. It was a great workout and I did a large portion of it without having to stop and walk. :)

I also weighed myself today for the X-weighted challenge I joining at the begining of the month. Since January first I've lost 6.8lbs and only have 11.2lbs to go until I hit my pre-pregnancy weight, which funny enough is about how much my three month old weighs right now. I have to lose my daughter's whole body weight. After that I plan to keep going but losing that will make me feel great because it's also my wedding weight.

Go me. Like the post office I go out in rain, or shine, but snow, that I won't do because I worry Lillian will get cold!

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