Monday, January 25, 2010

Long day.

So the past few days have been long. I love my baby with all my heart but sometimes it's nice to be able to hand her to her daddy and have a break for ten minutes without listening to make sure she's okay on her mat, or in her swing, etc. This weekend my husband went to visit my father-in-law and grandmother-in-law so he was gone for most of Saturday and part of Sunday. The time he was here Sunday was mostly spent making dinner and doing chores and other work. Now today is Monday and he had to work late so I'm alone at 10:15pm and did everything for our baby again, including bathe her when she spit up on herself. She's sleeping peacefully now but I didn't manage to do half the things I had hoped I would do today. Though I did do a few that were not on my list too.

I ran today but had to do it in two parts because 25 minutes into my run Lillian woke up and started to cry. So I got off and later on did another 45 minutes. My upper thigh is sore on my left leg so I may take tomorrow off. It also depends on what time I get home. I have to go visit my work tomorrow to visit people and take care of some things around town so once those are done if I have time I may do something at home. Right now the weather outside sucks too and it is supposed to snow until Sunday so I may not run outside this week until the weekend. We'll have to wait and see what the weather has in store for me!

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