Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Long night.

As sometimes happens with kids, last night was a long night. My 3 month old has hit that point where when you're holding her she'll try to dive out of your arms and my husband didn't know this and she dove out of his arms and smacked her head on his desk. I heard the thunk and shriek from across the house and it wasn't pretty.

Today there is no mark, bump or anything, and I think her high pitched screams were more out of fear and confusion but for me it was aweful. It took me a while and a bath to calm her down (my baby loves her bath). But being I'm a first time mom I researched what to do about a head bump and I read I was supposed to check her every few hours when she goes to sleep to make sure her colour and breathing are good. She was lively and fine before bed but she didn't go to sleep until 11pm so I was up at 2am to check on her and she was up for breakfast at 5am. Needless to say I'm quite tired today.

I hope she manages to nap a lot today to make up for the lack of sleep she got, and that I can run because here the wind is gusting up to 35km/hr and I can't run with her in that because we run in the country which means lots of open fields and wind.

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