Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Record!

Yippy! Today my break from being a mommy was my time on the treadmill. Lillian didn't want to nap and had three hissy fits that lasted for a little bit, and she had a huge poo that required a bath because it went everywhere, including in her arm pit. Don't ask me how it got there, but after all that, my husband came home late, but she went down for a nap before he got home so I could start my run then. Today I beat my all-time record, and managed to hit 9.2 miles this run after hitting 8 miles during my last run. I feel amazing. It took a while, meaning 2 whole hours, and I could hear my daughter crying for food but I forced myself to keep going because I knew there was lots of pumped milk in the fridge and my husband could feed her and he did. Apparently it took 8 oz to fill her belly. A three month old that eats 8 oz seems crazy to me!

But I did the run and feel great. Part of me wanted to just keep going, to run forever, but I had to pack my husband's lunch for tomorrow, and cuddle my baby before she went to bed, and watch her so my husband could shovel the snow outside. In the end I decided to stop at 2 hours, and will run again on the weekend when I have more time. My husband is taking Friday off this week so we'll have an extra day to do stuff. Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit, and we will be able to run outside. This feels like -12 to -18 with 30 km/hr winds is keeping me inside but Saturday looks nice, sunny at least, with only -8 so I'm hopeful.

Next time I run a big run I hope to hit 9 miles again, though I think I'll wait a while before I aim for 10 miles. Even with all the craziness I would have to say that today was a great day. Now I'll go to sleep and dream of the eggs and toast I'll eat for breakfast.


  1. Great job on the run! It's killer to try to focus on somthing when baby is crying so good for you! And I too, ahve no idea how tiny humans, who are so sweet, manage to get poop in their armpits! Rowyn's done it as well and I find it mind boggling lol

  2. wow!! good for you! i am very impressed with your motivation and dedication! being a new mom is hard enough without all the extra pressures of training for a big run like you are!
    maybe just maybe you'll inspire me to get my move on too!