Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another great day.

Today my dream came true again. I ran outside with my husband, my baby (in her jogging stroller) and my dog. We went 6.4km in 55:46 minutes and it was -13 degrees, and really windy (19km/hr) but it was invigorating! I felt so tired the last week and then yesterday I felt much better and it continued today. I was a bit sad in the morning so my hubby suggested we run outside and while we did I felt GREAT! I started running faster with my dog while my hubby had the stroller and I start cheering about how great I felt and how told my dog and husband and baby how much I loved them and laughed about how good I felt. It completely lifted my spirits and I feel amazing even now and it’s 8 hours later! I love running.

I think, no I know I’ve hit that point in your weight loss journey where something just clicks and despite previous failed attempts or successful attempts that you decided to end for whatever reason, something inside of you changes and suddenly everything is different. A bite of cake becomes good enough for dessert, salad everyday doesn’t feel boring, and exercise is just part of what you do, or even, gasp, a form of entertainment. I think having my daughter helped this to click over in me. If you had asked my husband in December if he ever thought I’d run a marathon he would have laughed and told you that he plans to run a marathon in his life but has to wait until he’s 50 so he would have time to train and not take time away from me and our family. Then January happened. On the evening of January 1st I was watching X-weighted online and thought hmmm if I really want to get healthy I should get a fitness goal. I enjoyed running and was doing about 2.5 miles a run and thought why not push myself to do a half-marathon. I looked online and found one in our town for April and thought, hmmmm 16 weeks, I can do that. I figured I can run at home, and we could buy a jogging stroller so I can run with Lillian. I was all calm, and relaxed when I called to my husband in his office and said, “I’ve decided on my new year’s resolution. I’m going to run a half-marathon.” He looked at me, shocked, and said “Okay me too!”

And here we are! In the last month, I’ve pushed myself and am doing awesome! I can’t wait to see what February brings!

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