Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another outside run!

So today I did my longer outside run of 6.7km with Lillian in her jogging stroller. All around I think it went very well. I managed to do it in 1:01:03 which beats my last time I ran it where I did it in 1:04:57 so beating it by 3 minutes and 54 seconds is awesome! I feel really proud of the fact that I made it outside despite the horribly cold weather. For the last 8 days it’s been freezing and snowing and blowing outside so that I barely wanted to walk my dog, let alone take my poor little baby outside in that. But today the weather was great! It was -3 degrees and only 6km/hr wind so it was nice. At the end of my run it was starting to snow but that’s okay. I don’t mind so much if it starts to snow or rain at the end of a run! I was running up a hill at the end of a route and turned around to head home and this hardcore runner went past me and complimented me. He said “You’re a warrior! Keep it up!” and I was so touched that I couldn’t even say anything back. It’s nice when random people give you encouragement!

Today we got our daughter a jolly jumper so we are starting her early on the exercise path. A lot of what I am doing is done so that I am setting a good example for her, so I really want to get her to enjoy being active at a young age. All my running is to make me healthy so I can be here for her for a long time and set a great example for her. I don’t want her to struggle with her weight or feel bad about herself growing up, and I will see to that because it’s my job!


  1. you really are a warrior!! i love checking your blog daily to see what you have been up to.
    AND bothy my kids LOVED their jolly jumpers! They are both past that age but I hope another baby comes along in my family so I can pass it along to them!
    Your daughter is a cutie pie!

  2. I have always admired runners. I REALLY admire people who will run in the cold. Good job!