Friday, February 12, 2010

Busy busy bee!

I didn't end up losing the amount of weight I wanted to this week, but I managed to run again today. That's four days in a row that I got to run for about an hour which is really awesome, so I won't let a number on the scale get me down. My measurement have gone down a lot too, and I have high hopes that tomorrow I'll get to run a nice long run, which I'm planning to try to run in the morning. So far all my best running has taken place in the afternoon and guess what? Marathons are NOT run in the afternoon, they are run in the morning. Also, they take place regardless of what the weather has in store, and in this area, even at the end of April anything goes. My husband told me last night that we need to run in the rain so we get used to running outside. I laughed at him because I've already run in the rain, pouring rain infact, with our daughter, so it's him who needs to run in the rain, not me!

The other exciting thing for me is I'm hopeing to go the Runnering Room tomorrow to buy new shoes! The ones I'm using now to run outside are $25 Walmart shoes (so not ideal) and my treadmill ones were bought when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding, so we're talking four years old now and I think I'm due for some new ones! My plan is to take my old ones there, have them help me pick a great running shoe and then find more of them online at a cheaper price, because my running friend tells me that "there are deals to be had" online!

So I will hopefully have some great new distance hit, and some wicked new shoes the next time I write! Happy running to everyone!

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