Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010 Summary.

Hehehe. It’s now February, and what’s new with me? Well I now have lost another 4.8lbs, making my total loss for 2010 15.8lbs! I’ve actually lost more weight than my daughter weighs and I only have 2.2lbs left to lose until I have lost all my baby weight. Not too bad considering I only had three weigh-ins this month because of the way the dates fell.

It's now only 8 weeks left until my half-marathon and I'm VERY excited. This is the half-way point and I can't wait for the day of the half-marathon. For training, I ran 192.37 km in 25:48 hours this month. The fastest run had me going 7:16 minutes per km and the furthest run was 21.08km and is the actual distance of the half-marathon. I ran the full 21.08km TWICE this month, and the best time was 2:33:19.

On average I ran 55:17 minutes or 6.8 km per day this month. Woot!

Lastly, for 2010 so far, I've run 375.93 km in 52.79 hours, and burned 204.5 donuts!

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  1. 204.5 DONUTS....what a great way to look at it!
    You ROCK Lady!!!!!