Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling Better.

Woot. So I'm not back to total normal yet but I am getting there. I managed a full hour run today at 5 miles/hr which is a HUGE improvement over the last few days. It took more work to get me sweating which is good. I'm hoping to get another good run or two in this weekend, though my hubby is away at a bachelor party this weekend so it will be me and our little lady for the whole weekend, unless the weather lets up, at which point my mother will be visiting us on Saturday.

I also had an amazing weigh in today! I have lost another 2.8lbs which means that I am now only 2.2lbs away from my pre-baby weight, 3.4lbs away from having lost 10% of my body weight, and 4.2lbs away from being the lightest weight I have ever been with my hubby. I also just hit the 15lbs mark here and am able to get my first reward. I am going to order Women's Health and I'm very excited about it.

To celebrate I went to breakfast with my best friend and we had a lovely time. The food was yummy and my great loss this week inspired me to eat really healthy. Though my dinner was homemade nachos so it wasn't a total healthy day but I budgeted the points for it, and really enjoyed every bite.

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  1. So awesome! You have been working hard to accomplish your goals. 10% of your body weight is great! You must really notice a difference in your health?!?!?

    CHEERS TO YOU!!!!!