Monday, February 22, 2010

How times have changed!

It's hard to believe that only a few months ago I would do intervals for 35 minutes and spend 60 seconds running at 5 miles/hr and then needed 90 seconds to recover. Every run I would move 5 seconds from walking to running. Today I ran 45 minutes with a 5 minute warm up, 3 minute cool down and spent the rest of the time running at 5 miles/hr which was 37 minutes straight. It's amazing to see how things change in only 7 weeks. I can't believe that so much has changed.

If you had told me last year I would be doing this, especially with a 4 month old, I would have laughed at you. But now these 45 - 60 minute runs are just part of my day and I miss them when I have to take days off for resting after a half-marathon stretch. I feel so different now. I have more energy, not that energy was ever an issue for me, I feel healthier, I sleep better, and am just happier (though my pregnancy horomones are not gone quite yet so I get a bit cranky at times). I love the way I feel and how healthy I feel and how much baby weight is falling off my body weekly.

I like these changes and am looking forward to the new ones that will come. My daughter is changing and developing and I am too. It's nice that we're going through such a journey together.

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