Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love Statistics.

Okay so it's official. I love stats. The funny thing is I actually work for the Statistics and Actuarial Science department at the University of Waterloo, and I have to say that numbers are my friend! I love to track amounts and see how they change, our finances, my daughter's growth, my weight loss, my running, or investments, the weather! Anything that I can track and find an average or a median for is just fun in my book. I even have the formula for the number of years it will take an investment to double in value based on the interest rate written on our office's white board. I am very much a Type A personality and in that whole colour thing they do at work, I'm Organized Gold well before anything else!
Lately I think I'm a bit math crazy. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm on maternity leave and am not getting my usual fix at work, but here are some of my fun facts I learned in the last few days. Feel free to laugh at me, because even I have to admit I'm a bit number crazy.
Today I ran outside without the stroller but with my dog. My average speed was 4.59 miles per hour (7.4km/hr), which was outside in -7 degree weather with 19km/hr wind and my usual treadmill average is between 4.6 - 4.8 miles per hour, so even outside, with hills I might add, I'm on par.
Our stroller. Oh how I love my stroller! To date each run has cost me $64.25 and I've used it 8 times so far. Some people might think that's sad, but I see it as a goal to run more. If I use it at least 52 times then each run will have cost us less than 1 ticket to the movies. I like to have multiple goals on the go at a time.
In my weight watchers journey, since January 1st 2010, I use an average of 30 of my weekly points (you get 35 and each is roughly 50 calories, give or take a bit) and I earn an average of 23.1 activity points. Each activity point is supposed to be roughly 100 calories burned but I think I burn a bit more than they count, since my treadmill workout is usually 4.5-5.0 miles/hr running and the category that falls under is 3.0-5.0 miles/hr. I mean really, I'm much closer to the high end. Also I use an average of 36.4 points a day (again at roughly 50 points each that's 1825 calories, give or take a bit). I'm supposed to get 35 points a day but I drop that down by 3 to help the weight come off. I would only get 25 but since I'm nursing I get 10 extra, and honestly my doctor says I need 300-500 extra calories and they are giving me the points for 500 so I adjust it so they give me the points for 350 not 500. So since January 1st I've lost a weekly average of 1.9lbs and I peeked this week and it looks like if nothing happens I should be down another 1-2 lbs. Woot.
In my training, this year,  I've now run a total of 41.85 hours. That's 1.74 DAYS of this year I have spend running! That's just NUTS!  I've had a total of 42 workouts in 47 days, a few of the days I had to break it up into two small workouts because my baby woke up, and I have burned off 162.5 donuts. I don't think I've even eaten that many donuts in my whole life (and I worked at Tim Hortons for a year) but apparently they are gone now. I have also run 1% of the way around the world. Good to know. My fasted run was 7:46 minute/km and my farthest run was 21.08 km which is the distance of my April marathon. I've run an average of 43.5km a week, with the highest being 52 and the lowest being 32. Not too shabby for someone who only in December would go 2-2.5 miles in 30 minutes just to get off her butt.
So now I've gotten my love affair with numbers off my chest you can all laugh at the photos of me in my funny running gear. The vest is from my mom so I won't get hit by a car, and the belt is so I can drink when I run outside, which I usually don't do because it's a pain to get my water bottle out of the stroller pouch. I now get to wear my old running shoes outside since I have new ones for on the treadmill, and my pants are just my old sweatpants. I promise before more people see me run in April I will buy new running clothes. I just can't bring myself to buy a $200 outfit that won't fit me anymore in April when I need it to run my half-marathon.

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  1. Looks like you are on your way to meet your goal running that half marathon! Kudos to you.
    Oh,by the way I like the vest.