Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm back Baby!

So the past week has been a weird one for me running wise. After my two long runs last week I think I may have over trained or depleted my glycogen stores because I just couldn't do my usual run and worst of all it wasn't fun. In fact I dreaded running and when I did I felt so tired so fast. But today that all changed and oh yes I am back!!

My mom took my baby while I ran and managed to get a nice 90 minute run in, and went 6.7 miles and really enjoyed it. I feel great and I'm so happy! I was worried that maybe I burned out but nope just over trained! So now I know if I run over 9 miles I shouldn't do another one in 48 hours. I should eat loads of carbs and let my body recover. So hurray to being back and having a great mom who allowed me the time to do this so I can feel so great!

We have officially registered for the marathon now too so there's no turning back now! Woot! I'm psyched!

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