Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lazy but Happy.

So yes I've been getting better again and that's allowed me to run again, but did I run today, nope. I feel a bit guilty about it but I'll live. I spent the morning with a good friend who needed a pick me up and when she dropped me off at home, my mom was here so I spent the day working on her school work with her and watching her enjoy her time with her grandbaby. I love watching my mom interact with my daughter. She's one of the people who makes Lillian giggle like crazy. Not everyone can do that. Usually her giggles are reserved for me and her daddy. She loves everyone but that special sound only comes from making raspberries on her tummy and my mom is very good at it. I love when my mom visits because I get a real break from 24/7 baby care. My husband helps out and is great with Lillian but he has a much higher tolerence for crying, and as such I will often end up dropping what I'm doing and going to her because I can't stand to hear her cry like that. Now don't get me wrong I let her cry and leave her alone with no problems but if she cries/really fusses for 5 minutes straight I go back and hold her or see what's the matter. Daddy waits 10.

I got a real compliment this week about my weight loss. Both my mom and dad noticed and commented. I haven't see my dad since early January for Lilly's baptism and he visited this week on his way to a meeting and the first thing he said to me was "Wow you look great." so that really made my week, even while feeling sick and crappy. Then today my mom was over and we were talking and I stood up to get some water and she looked at me and said "You're getting really skinny". Coming from my mom that really means something. She's been the one who always encouraged me to lose weight while I was young and could do it. Sometimes I felt she was mean and pushy about it, but now I know it's because I wasn't ready to lose the weight and I always knew she only wanted what is best for me. But hearing her call me skinny means something. I feel my pants are lose, and I even feel it in the bands of my bra and undies, which aren't things that shrink so easily but when other people say something it makes you feel good. Knowing someone has lost 15lbs is one thing but when they can see it gone is another.

My goal to get back on track for running is to run tomorrow. Hubby will be home late tomorrow from his weekend away so he can't help but my mom will be here until lunch so many I can get a morning run in with the dog. I'll decide when I know how cold it is outside tomorrow. You can't beat your record for distance ran every week! Stay strong and keep running! We can all do this, even if this week wasn't the best.

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  1. Good for know it is real when others notice the change!!!