Sunday, February 28, 2010

Outside Again even with the Snow.

So my mother was here still today to visit me and my daughter, also known as, the happiest baby  in the whole world. See photo on the right for proof. My mom being here means my dog and I got to have a wonderful outside run. We ran 7.9km for 1:06:49 so it wasn't my fastest time but I didn't fall, and with the foot of snow we had in the last few days being pressed down it was pretty slick in some areas.

For the first time I saw a lot of runners out today. Sometimes I see the odd runner, maybe two, but today I saw at least twenty! It was crazy but cool too. It was nice to see all these people running outside in the not so cold today. Usually it's -10 degrees when I run but today it was only -4 and only a bit of clouds so that really helped. My dog enjoyed our run and got a good workout. It's funny because when I start running she actually pulls me up the hills some days and at the end she keeps wanting to stop. Silly doggie.

So I had a lovely run and am planning to get an extra little run in tonight on the treadmill. I want to break the 40km mark this week and right now I'm at 39km so I won't have to run for long. Later tonight will post my February summary for the start of March.

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