Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things are good.

So my daughter was wonderful today and let me run for an hour! Same thing yesterday. Both days she fussed in her swing after a given time but I could pause the treadmill and move her to the mat on the floor and then go back to keep running and she'd play nicely until I was done. I managed a new feet today, I ran at 5 miles/hour for 35 minutes straight! Before the longest I could do it was 20 minutes so that's a big improvement. Lillian has been fussy for a bit lately so I couldn't do a big run yet this week but I plan to break the 10 mile mark this weekend with a good 2.5 hour run. My hubby will be home Friday night and with Monday being a holiday I can spend some real time this weekend on my treadmill.

The other amazing thing is my best friend has offered to come over a few times during the week in morning and watch Lillian while I run. That will really help me since I trust her with my baby and would know that even if she cries my baby is safe and well tended to. I'm so excited. I can't believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing friend. This will allow me to get a few good, long runs in during the weekdays too! I'm very excited, and we start next week, Tuesday!

I think people sometimes forget how truely gifted we are to have such wonderful people in our lives, and I want to thank everyone who has been so helpful on this journey!
My WW friends who read my blog and help me with their posts and answering my posts and reminding me daily that I'm not alone!
My fabulous best friend who listens when I'm upset and makes me laugh, and will now watch my baby so I can run!
My two girlfriends and their babies who I get together with once a month and am reminded that it's not easy to be a mom but it's worth it, and that baby weight takes time to come off and sometimes it's okay if you eat half a bag of chocolate chips just because.
My mom who is the best oma my baby could ever have and who will take care of her while I run my marathon, and inspires me to keep going and be the best mom I can be. If I am half the mom she is my baby will grow up wonderfully!
And lastly, my amazing husband who puts up with me when I'm cranky and yell (or cry) for no reason, and eats my healthy meals with no complaint and takes our baby so I can run, and even goes outside to run with us in -12 degree weather and reminds me everyday that I can lose the baby weight and that I'm beautiful.

So thank you everyone, you are all with me on this journey and without you it wouldn't be happening!

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  1. I love your healthy meals! If we're healthy, we'll live longer and be together longer, even if it means we're together running in the -12 degree weather when we're 80 years old.