Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost didn't!

We all have those days. The ones where you're tired and just don't want to exercise and just eat junk. I had one of those today. I did eat my junk food, a chocolate rice krispie square and 25g of chips or chippies as my husband calls them. But I almost didn't run. It was windy, and I have been trying to feed my daughter more often so I didn't want to miss her feeding time, and I just didn't want to run. So what did I do, I ran 6.4km instead of 10.6km. More of it was straight into the wind with this route but it was shorter. Lillian only slept for 45 minutes of the 58 minute run. But I did it!!! I didn't want to but I did anyway! Hurray!

Feels good when you are faced with the little lazy monster on your shoulder and you just flick them off and put on your running shoes and go out anyway! I feel great today!

Tomorrow I get to take my baby to the farmer's market to get some local, fresh produce, and then do some kind of a run in the afternoon. Not sure about how long I'll run for, it will depend on how long the market takes.

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