Monday, March 8, 2010

Big News!

So I have officially lost all my baby weight! I started trying really hard as of January 1st and now my 18lbs are gone. Time to lose the weight I wanted to lose before I got pregnant with Lillian but I'm happy either way! Today was my day of rest, running wise, and I quite enjoyed it, though I did still go for a walk with my dog and daughter. Now I'm looking forward to a week of nice weather and getting in lots of running for my marathon. It's now only 7 weeks away! Eeeeekkk! I'm starting to get nervous now, especially after how long the run took me yesterday and the whole almost passing out thing.

On a positive note, I have been weighing my baby at home for the past few days. I get on the scale and weigh myself, then my husband hands me our baby, naked, and I weigh us togther. I've been peed on twice now in four days, but I've also seen her go from 11.4lbs to 11.8lbs, and yes the 11.8 was AFTER she peed on me, so at least the weight seems to be heading up. I think all the fat my hubby is having me eat, because my doctor suggested it, is actually helping! I'll keep you all posted on how she does for the rest of this week. Hope you're all doing well and remember to keep trying and not get discouraged. Getting into exercise can be hard but if you find a fitness activity you love, and can do with family/friends it makes it so much more rewarding!


  1. Congrats on losing your baby weight! Awesome.
    That's great news about Lillian too. (PS I love that name, so pretty.)
    Sounds like things are going great for you!

  2. good for you!! i have been losing the weight very goal is 135 pounds - another 15 to go- i think i need to up the exercise to gain better results!!
    You are so inspiring!

  3. I nominated you for an award...check my blog for it.

  4. Awesome report on both your own and Lillian's weight!!!!