Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Mommy Soup.

I've adjusted nicely to my weight watchers and have learned many tricks to keep me full and happy. One of them is to make my points go further by being very efficient in the food I eat. Still, I find that some days 1 spoon of margarine isn't enough so I have to do a generous spoon as you can see to the left. It makes my popcorn just as yummy as at the movies!

Just kidding. I actually weigh everything I eat which helps keep me going so well on my goals right now and has me running so well. I find that weight works better for me in keeping things going well than measuring.

"Busy Mommy Soup" is the name of my new favourite meal. I also call it "Leftover Fridge Soup" since I use up all my veggies. I manage to create it often by keeping some simple staples around my house. These include, onions, carrots, celergy, barley and quinoa. I put them into a pot of water with garlic and then add in whatever other veggies are in my fridge and pantry. Today it was V8, mushrooms, cauliflower, kidney beans, spinach and swiss chard. Then I added chicken stock and it is super yummy. Even my husband likes it and when it comes to my soup he's a hit or miss. You have him to thank for the lovely photos on my blog today.

The other fun thing I have is my chocolate chip cookies. I have tweaked them since high school and they taste yummy. While not very calorie friendly I add ground flax seeds and extra oatmeal to them so they taste super yummy but have loads of fibre. I plan to alter them by adding loads of nuts, spelt flakes, honey and dried cranberries so that they'll have extra carbs and protein to eat when I do my 21km runs. That way I won't pass out like I almost did this weekend.

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  1. Love the pics, kudos to your hubby for those! And your soup sounds very creative, i might trying make my own version some day!