Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Could running be evil?

So what all has my new crazy love of running gotten me you ask? Well in 8 short weeks I'm 16 lbs lighter, I am getting more exercise than I normally would in a year, I've spent a lot of money on running shoes, I feel amazing, I sleep better, I'm happier and my baby has stopped gaining weight. Yes you read that right. I am nursing a 4 1/2 month old, see photo to the right, and she has stopped gaining weight like she used to. At this age she should be gaining about a pound a month, but she has only gained 20g in the last 10 days. Yes less than 1 oz in 10 days. So after seeing my doctor today I've been told to scale back the weight loss for the next two weeks and up my fat intake, think 2% milk, olive oil, flax seed, etc... and see if that extra fat makes its way into my milk. If it doesn't I may have to start putting her on formula which isn't something I want to do. So now I have to face the fact that my love of running and healthy diet may be the reason my perfect baby isn't gaining the weight she should be, and honestly I feel so guilty it makes me sick!

My mother tells me she's healthy, fit and very alert, so she's fine, but I've seen her growth chart and when I started running and trying to drop the baby weight she stopped gaining weight, and that hurts. I wish I could take it back but I can't so now I have to work at eating more, when I'm used to eating less and hope that the extra food makes a difference. If not, she'll be 5 months at the next visit, I'll start her on iron enriched rice cereal and see how that works for her, and maybe some mushed food to help, but formula may be in her future and I don't want that. So now I'm sad today, and have to drop my pound loss goal for the month but I'll keep my 1860 minutes of activity goal and see what happens in two weeks.


  1. Try not to feel guilty. You couldn't have known that running would have such an impact on your baby. Besides, trying to get healthy will also be great for your baby in the long run. Now you know that you just need to tweak your approach and you are trying to fix things up and that's what matters!
    PS- she's such a cutie :)

  2. I had this similiar problem a bit back with my baby sleeping and by just increasing my calorie level she was better!
    At least it is a fixable situation that you can take care of and not something that is "wrong" with her health..if you know what I mean.
    I don't want to put her on formula!
    You have a great plan in place....keep us posted.

  3. She is adorable! I would listen to what your doctor suggested and up your fat intake, I understand its hard because you've worked so hard. But once you stop breastfeeding you're likely to lose more weight anyway. I'm such an advocate for nursing, you can do it! And I'd stay away from cereal for a bit still if you can. Goodluck!