Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Countdowns, Goals, and Peeking!

So today I ran another 12.5km in 1:52 and guess what, I hit my fitness goal for March! I have now run 1865 minutes and my goal was 1860! Woot I've hit my training goal, and have come so close to my weight loss goal. Now I know you're not supposed to peek and all that but I do anyway. It helps me and I know water and salt and such change your weight daily but anyway I peeked today and was down another 1.6lbs from Friday which would put me at a loss of 5.4lbs and I was aiming for 6.5lbs so I rocked it. Now I just have to watch my salt and I should keep this loss until Friday.

Now I'm focusing my attention on April and have set my new goals. Train for 1800 minutes, drop 4.8lbs and run a 21km route at least 4 times. Not too bad for goals for April. Now I can spend tomorrow resting and baking and reading to my daughter and walking with her and my dog around the neighborhood instead of running on a country road!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I do my March summary and then on Thursday I have to post a before and after photo because I made a deal with a fellow blogger and I have to stick to it! Eeekkk!


  1. Good job on reaching your fitness goal! :)

  2. Way to go on acheiving those goals!!

  3. 1-8-6-5 minutes?! That's effing amazing... I mean really really amazing.....

    you're such an inspiration to me :)