Saturday, March 27, 2010

Funny Things I Notice Running.

I smiled today while doing my 12.5km run with my hubby, dog and baby. Why you might ask? Well first I smiled because I got to pet "Red Rover"! Red Rover is a huge red mail box on the country route that I run. I have no idea how far into the route it is but I have decided it's the half way point on my 5.3km road that I run from my house (5.3km) and then turn around at the stop sign and run home (5.3km). The mailbox is half way between my house and the corner I turn around. It always makes me happy because I like fractions and it is the 3/4 of the route done point. Here is a list of all the funny things I do to entertain myself on my runs.

1/ Count the beer bottles on the side of the road. (I plan to walk the route one day and pick them up)
2/ Name and greet major markers along the route. (Red Rover)
3/ Laugh at farm animals. (today we saw a bull stuck on a dirt hill and laughed at it trying to get down - my hubby suggested it was laughing at us)
4/ Ipod. (normal but still entertaining)
5/ Mix up the route. (I have several ones I run so I don't get bored)

The other thing that made me smile today was the fact that while my hubby and I were huffing and puffing on our run with Pica and Lillian and as we kept struggling our dog was trotting beside us like she walks around the house. My husband was not impressed that she didn't actually have to put any effort into running but it was funny to see. By the time we got half way through she was tierd but I still laughed.

Today I also made my Super Busy Mommy Soup and this particular batch is super yummy and we ate the soup all day. So yummy! Tomorrow we're planning to go out for lunch at a local Thai place, and I can't wait! Should be a lot of fun and super yummy! After that we'll see if we manage to get another 10 or 12km run in!


  1. Did you post your super busy mommy soup recipe? I must have missed it. Great run girl!