Monday, March 1, 2010

Goals and Sunshine.

So today I decided to set a goal for myself in March. Nothing too lofty but I'm psyched! I want to train for my marathon 1860 minutes and drop 6.5lbs. The running minutes average out to 60 minutes per day for March which is 5 minutes more than my February average so is achievable. The weight loss would put me into the 160's where I don't think I've been since high school and that is very exciting. To help keep me motivated I started the March Fitness Challenge on the weight watchers boards I'm on so I have a great group of people to help keep me motivated and who I can help motivate. Yippy!

So to start March off right my baby girl and I hit the road today. She got bundled up and had a great nap with some sunshine and fresh air, I had a 6.4km run in slush, mud, snow, mud, water, mud, wind and oh yah mud. Half the run is on country roads and they were not pleasent but we made it and tomorrow when I run I will hunt for a more paved route to take! But I'm glad I did it and it took me 57:39 so I am already 57 minutes into my 1860 for March.

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  1. Awesome...

    I have set some goals for March also (I have never done this before) and I will post them on my blog later but I too am feeling pumped because I have something to work towards!

    Great start on the months goal!!!!!