Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got a bit hot today!

So apparently running in winter gear in 12 degrees makes you really hot. I had to stop and take my coat and such off during my run today and store them in my stroller. Lucky for me Lillian was already asleep and didn't mind. I managed to run my 6.4km route in 54:21 which is actually the fastest I've run it. I didn't realize it until I got home and recorded my time. Not bad considering I was trying to do a slow run to rest after my big run Sunday. I hope this nice weather keeps up.

I think I need to buy new running shoes for outside running, or at least wear my new ones outside. I found my shins and right knee were sore after the big run but my hubby was fine and he wore his new shoes. Lesson learned. I have a lot of errands to run tomorrow so hopefully I'll manage to get home in time to run in the afternoon sun.

Even if she's not gaining weight, Lilly's getting really good at holding her head up and now she can sit up in her chair really well. Soon she'll be able to sit up on her own. Right now she's discovered how to pull off her shoes and socks and enjoys it. Here is a cute photo of her playing since I can't stop posting photos of her.


  1. So Cute!!!Bumbo chairs are great...I wish I had one for all my children.

  2. I find your running inspiring! It makes me really want to get out more and build up to running with Rowyn :) best to lead by example :P The pic is too cute! I can't wait till R can use hers!