Sunday, March 14, 2010

I feel like a mail carrier!

Come rain or snow, wind or hail, I will be outside, running. Today it was raining, and it was cold, but I managed to run 12.5km in it with my dog. She didn't seem overly impressed and wanted to stay at one of the houses we passed during the run. My husband jokes that when she gets tired she decides she wants to live somewhere else and tries to stay there. I'm proud that I did my run today despite the weather. I looked up the last nine years for the weather on the day of our half-marathon and it only rained two of them, and it was between 6 and 16mm so we aren't talking major downpour. That makes me feel a lot better.

So my goal for this week is simple. I have seven days, and I want to run the 21km route once, and two runs should be double digits (10km or more). The rest of the days I can run what I feel like. I now have less than six weeks before our half-marathon so I need to kick things in high gear and that means doing some longer runs. Though Lillian has gotten used to the stroller and now sleeps for the whole run for pretty much every run! In total I've run 897 minutes so am well on my way to an hour a day, and yes that is JUST running not any other activity. I don't even count walking my dog!

Finally, here are the lies vs truth from last week.
* When I first met my husband I thought he was a pain and wished he'd just go away. -- LIE! I heard music in my head when I first met him.
* I have named all my pets after CSI characters. -- LIE! They are named after historical people, Einstein, Shakespeare, Cleopatra and Picasso (Pica).
* If Lillian had been a boy she would have had the middle name of Captain James T. Kirk. -- TRUTH! Captain Kirk's middle name is Tibirous and that is the middle name our first son will get should we have one.
* I love IMAX movies, and go as often as I can. -- LIE! I get really sea sick and IMAX is no exception.
* I think rice is the greatest side dish ever. -- LIE! I hate rice! I'm a pasta and Quinoa girl.
* I can't knit to save my life. -- LIE! I've been knitting since I was 5 and we have something like 12 scarves to prove it.

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