Sunday, March 7, 2010

Loving the Weather!

So this week we've had beautiful weather and I have taken full advantage of it getting outside to run with my baby and enjoy the sunshine. Today I did a full 21km run outside. It took me 3:12:11 to do it and a lot of funny routes but I did it. I'm feeling really sore now but that's okay since tomorrow I will take a little run and then take Tuesday off since I'm going to visit my girl friends out of town for a baby play date. The run was great. I started it late morning after a big breakfast, or at least what I thought was a big breakfast. After the run ended I took a shower and when I got out felt very dizzy and ended up on the floor, but my hubby knew what to do and brought me some biscuits and milk so that I got my sugar levels back up and was good to go. I've never fainted in my life but today I was very close.

I set myself the goal of running an average of 60 minutes a day in March and I'm well on my way so far. I've managed to get in 575 minutes already and that feels great. So far I've run every day this month too. That won't last for long but at least I am a bit ahead now so when I have the odd day off I will stay be good. Right now I'm beating my hubby for minutes run too, something I am always pleased with.


  1. wow - you totally inspire me! that's awesome!

  2. Almost fainting, that is crazy...glad your hubby was home!!!
    Enjoy the play date.