Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mud everywhere!

So I went for another run outside today with my daughter and it was mud everywhere. I'm glad we get to run on a country road because that's where the half-marathon will take place in April, though on the other side of town but dirt road none the less. Well with all the snow from this weekend melting it's a real mess out there. I got rather dirty yesterday and today was worse. I even hit a hill where half was mud and half was pressed snow and I couldn't stop as I went down the hill. I had to hand onto the jogging stroller and try to force my feet to slow down. It was a big scary but I noticed some tire marks and got my feet into them and that gave me the needed traction to slow down. I wanted to go a bit further than my usual distance, and my extra leg that I usually take is all hills and dirt so that was out. I instead ran to the end of a real street that was paved and then back. It added 1.1km making my run 7.5km which I managed in 1:08:02. My legs were very sore and tired at the start but I stuck it out, and am proud that I didn't cheat and take the shorter route, which I was very tempted today. Now I'm off to make soup for dinner and plan my new route I want to run tomorrow, one with almost all paved roads.

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