Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nice day!

So here we've been having loads of sun and I am just loving it. Lillian is too! She gets to wear her cute little white hat to protect her eyes from the sun so she can nap.

Today I ran 10.6km in 1:34:21, so I got one of my two +10km runs out of the way today and I feel great about it. I love running in this lovely weather. So that's all that's new here for today! I spent all day cleaning yesterday which is why there was no post! Hope you're all loving the sunshine if you have it too!


  1. Loving the weather too...outside runs, playing at the park with the kids, windows open and laundry on the line. I LOVE spring!!

    Great job on the run!!!

  2. Ou, 10km, nice :) I'm due for one of those tomorrow.

    The weather is great!!!! I'm so glad that the winter blues are almost gone :)

  3. 10 KM!! wow, I can't wait to say that I can run a full 10 K thats for sure, right now I run for a bit, walk for a bit hah but definitely seeing this is inspirational, now I am off to the gym to put in some work