Friday, March 26, 2010

Night time runs SUCK!

So when it was really cold outside I lived for running on my treadmill. I avoided going outside because it was freezing and I didn't want to expose Lillian to the cold. But since I've started running outside with my music in the sunshine and such, I no longer enjoy running on my treadmill as much, even though I have TV in my office.

So after the last few days with cold weather again, and really strong winds, I haven't been able to run outside and have had to run on the treadmill. Since Lillian doesn't nap in the afternoon much, unless she's in the stroller, so running during the day is out, but both last night and tonight I ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Though running at 10 or 11pm sucks a bit, at least I was running.

I'm hopeful for some nice weather tomorrow so I can run outside with my baby, but if the weather sucks, I can at least go with my dog and leave Lillian home with daddy, and after that make a big pot of Busy Mommy Soup for dinner!

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