Friday, March 19, 2010

Silly things.

Okay so today I didn't get to run my 21km like I hoped and planned but I did manage to get in a nice 12.5km run. Go me! See when I do the 21km run outside I need a break in the middle to use the bathroom and refill my water belt, and today when I was taking my break, my baby decided she was hungry. My mother is up visiting for a few days and she had Lillian so Picasso joined me on my run and as I was getting ready to hit the trail again my mom came down and informed me that the baby was hungry and suggested I feed her. Normally I'd say to give her a bottle of pumped milk but lately we've been having problems with her not gaining weight and the last few days she's taken a real preference to the bottle so I stopped to feed her. Well after 20 minutes of feeding her and another 10 of rest I stood up to get back to running and my legs just screamed "NO MORE" so that was the end. I showered and went on with my day. I am a bit disappointment but that's okay. I can run again on Sunday and do a small run on Saturday. So I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I'm going to get some rest. To help my baby gain weight I have started to feed her in the middle of the night or just before I go to bed so that makes me rather tired.



  1. 12.5 km is great!!
    How did Lillian make out at the dr.'s???? Is she up in her weight?? I am guessing not much if you have to get up at night now to feed her. Hope things get better first two girls were very petite and the doc kept a close eye on them but they were just that petite. They never lost weight but were just REALLY slow gaining it.

  2. I am really impressed with how much you are running being a new mom! Way to go!