Monday, March 22, 2010

Slow day after the run.

So my usual rules applied today. I ran 21km yesterday, so that earned me a day off today. Hurray! Tomorrow I am going on a baby play date so I won't run tomorrow either but since it's supposed to rain so no biggie.

Today I'm feeling super blessed. I am feeling so happy after a week of being rather cranky. I just feel so loved by my husband, and am so in love with my daughter, and thankful for my mom and my friends and everything I've been blessed with. I can't stop smiling. So here is a photo my husband took of me this weekend after we headed out to the wedding of a friend of his. I wore this dress to our wedding rehearsal and on our honeymoon. It now fits again. Go me!

So to everyone out there having a bad day remember that you can make it through. Some days are harder than others but remember why you are on this journey and what makes you worthy of being fit and healthy and go after it. We all deserve to be happy!


  1. Way to go on the marathon training, I hope to be where you are next year. I had a horrible day - thanks for the reminder that tomorrow may be a better one :)

  2. Yeah for fitting into that dress!

  3. You certainly earned a day or two off!
    The dress looks great!

    You are a woman of wise words....thanks for sharing them.

  4. Great attitude, what an encouraging post!
    And the dress is beautiful :)