Friday, March 5, 2010

So Far So Good.

I didn't want to run today, but my baby wouldn't take a nap, so I had to get her to sleep which meant outside in the stroller we went. I could have gone for a walk in the normal stroller but instead we bundled up and off we went for a run when I felt blah. In the end I ran 9.4km which is the longest outside run I've ever done and it took me 1:26:50 and I'm thrilled that I made it so far. It was windy and I had the wind going right in my face the first 3km and almost gave up but I didn't and I'm so excited. On a positive note, I've almost lost my baby weight now, and the mud is pretty much gone!

I got my new Ipod Nano the other day and it makes my run a lot more fun. Now we'll see what my running has in store tomorrow.

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