Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Someone's Getting Heavier!

And no it's not me, it's my baby!!! Yesterday Lillian weighed 12.0lbs and today she weighs 12.2lbs! So in the last 4 days she went from 11.8lbs to 12.2lbs, which is great. I think that the things I'm doing now, night feedings, etc.. are really working and I'm so excited. I go back to my doctor on Friday morning to have her weighed on the doctor's scale.

Sotoday I'm feeling great about everything. Will hopefully have time to get a 10km run in this afternoon.


  1. woohoo - wicked news :)

    10km.... my friend wants me to do 10km with her tomorrow.... I don't think I'm feeling it, I'm more feeling the 7km....

    Good for you for keeping on with the running!