Friday, April 30, 2010

April 2010 Summary.

Okay so it's the last day of April. Crazy!! I've finished my marathon, and did so in the time I wanted. I didn't hit my workout time goals but I had a wonderful month. Great stats for April! Ran Waterloo half-marathon in 2:48:57 hitting my goal of being under two hours. I ran for a total of 158.8km this month or 5.3km a day. Time wise I ran 22 hours, 40 minutes or 45 minutes a day, which isn't the 60 minutes a day I hoped for, but when the month started I was not aware of how much I would need to reduce my running the two weeks before the marathon, so it was a little over zealous. Plus after the actual run I came down to visit my mom for the following week and it's not as easy to run here because it's not my normal route, but more so I don't have room in the car for all my running stuff, like water belt, stroller cover, etc...

So my weight loss has gone really well this month too. I dropped 7.8lbs! There may actually be more, or less, but again since I'm out of town on Friday which is my weighing day I can't weigh myself so last week's total will have to do. Overall though I'm thrilled with this month. I did my first marathon, while having a cold, and beat the 3 hour mark.

Now I just have to make sure I don't gain weight when we go to Germany for our vacation in May!

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