Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The countdown continues

So today I was allowed to run. Woot! I did a nice easy run of 7.6km in 1:09 which is not too bad. Tomorrow I get to run too and then it's no running until Sunday! I'm getting really excited and also super nervous now. My husband has managed to get a cold and passed it to the baby. As of yet I'm okay but I so hope I don't get sick before the big day. My action plan is to eat healthy and sleep extra the next few days. Lillian only has a small cough and running nose but Steve is really tired and drained. So here's hoping that my hubby gets well in time for our big run.

Also it currently is supposed to rain on Sunday but I'm holding out hope that it will be nice. Rain here is usually hit and miss but either way I have trained to run in the rain so I'll be fine regardless. Now I'm starting to hunt for a new race to run sometime between August and October. I was thinking the Oktoberfest 10k but it actually falls on our daughter's birthday so that isn't going to happen. Anyone have any race suggestions for me in the GTA, Hamilton, Waterloo-Kitchener area?

Time left until Waterloo Marathon: 3 days, 13 hours, and 27 minutes.


  1. Nice picture!!
    Hope your family gets better quickly....drink lots of water along with your eating healthy and sleep. Good luck!!

  2. Good luck on the marathon, let us know how it goes! I can't wait until the day that I can run one as well!!