Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day of Rest.

So now that the marathon is over I'm taking a few days off. I was thinking of maybe running today by my legs and lower back are still a bit sore, so I may do a walk with the monkey and then wait until tomorrow to really start moving a bit faster. I feel great having done the race, but my cold is still here and being a major pain.

So my new training plan goes as follows. Since I'm running a 10k in a little under 2 months, I'm really going to work on speed. I'll run 5 to 7km two or three times a week and work on going as fast and hard as I can, something that I couldn't really do before because I was going for distance. Then one or two days a week I'll push myself to do the 10k as hard and fast as I can. On those runs I'll either have to let my husband watch my daughter or have him push her while we run. I also want to sneak one or two days of cross training in since I'm planning to go back to kickboxing. So here's an example.

Mon: Kickboxing or 5-7 km
Tues: 5-7 km
Wed: Kickboxing or 5-7km
Thurs: Rest
Fri: 5-7 km
Sat: 10k
Sun: 10k

I'm looking forward to this. I'm sure the first few weeks of kickboxing will hurt and my running won't be so hot but that's alright. Kickboxing is fun for me and will help me get stronger in places other than my legs!

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