Friday, April 16, 2010

Friends are great!

So today is was a bit windy here, and by a bit, I mean 33km/hr wind gusts! Eikkk! So I was sad and thought that running today might not happen, but then my best friend stepped in and came over to sit for my little monkey moo while I took the dog for a run. We just did the standard 10.6km which took me 1:30:31 today so woot. Tomorrow my co-worker friend is coming over and we're going to run the route together. I'm pretty excited since she's run a lot of marathons and really knows what she's doing so I may get a few pointers, and either way it's always fun to run with someone else. So today I'm really happy to have such awesome friends, and I'm excited because I get to eat pancakes tomorrow. I know that sounds funny but I don't eat them often and I love them, and I need to carb up for my runs.

Oh yah I weighed myself today and I am down another pound and it was my measure week and I dropped another 3cm off my body. In total I'm down 33cm off my waist, thigh, hips and bust which is just crazy when you think about it. I only have 8 days and I am only running 4 of them! I'll run Sat, Sun, Wed, Thurs and then rest up for the big day!

Time left until Waterloo Marathon: 8 days, 11 hours, 25 minutes.


  1. WOOHOO! wow, you're such a motivation for me :) you run so much - and not just like a short 5km jaunts like I do... I need to run more....

    That's it! I'm going today!

  2. That is one awesome friend you have!