Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm not made of Sugar.

Sugar melts, I don't so I ran outside even though it rained. I ran 10.2km and I only got rained on for 4km of it. My dog seemed to enjoy herself too even though she got wet, and my baby, well Lillian likes the sound of water so she slept the whole 1:28 that I ran for. There are good and bad things when you run outside.

  • my dog smells
  • my clothes and shoes get muddy
  • my stroller sinks into muddy roads
  • usually it gets colder
  • my baby naps (this is very important for a baby who hates napping)
  • my baby gets fresh air
  • my dog gets walked (98lbs beast needs her exercise)
  • I get a decent workout without overheating and get fresh air
  • I get out of the house for a bit (for a social woman on mat leave this is a big deal)
  • I feel amazing! (most important one)
So the verdict is simple, even with the icky feeling of being wet, I personally find wet shins to the be the worst thing that can happen to me - yes I'd rather be stung by a wasp or bit by a dog than have wet shins, the great feeling of having run and having a happy well napped baby it always worth it!


  1. You're not made of sugar but you're as sweet as sugar!!!