Saturday, April 17, 2010

Less Than a Week.

I love weekend runs since I can leave Lillian at home with her daddy if the weather isn't the greatest. Today I ran my usual 10.6km and as a special treat I had my friend Cecilia running with me. She biked to my house and then we ran my usual route and then she biked home. The weather wasn't very pleasent, we had wind gusts up to 50km/hr and we even got hailed on for a bit. It's just crazy that yesterday is was 17 degrees and today I got hailed on! Welcome to the crazy weather in my hometown and thank goodness Steve was home to take care of the baby. 

So my marathon is now almost less than a week away. Holy cow that is so exciting and so terrifying at the same time! So what did I do today other than run, well I ran errands and made nachoes for dinner. Super healthy choice right? Well we make them at home so we use multi-grain nachoes and low fat cheese and a ton of veggies so they are a lot healthier. We also use 2% plain yogurt in place of sour cream so that helps too. They were delicious and sometimes you just need something different.

I'm starting to plan what to do after my half-marathon now, and I plan to rejoin my kickboxing but I am also thinking of running another race. There is a 10k in our city in October which is about two and a half weeks after I get back to work. The fun thing will be that I can work more on speed instead of distance and that means a lot of smaller (5-6km) runs and the occasional 10km run which will be nice for the hot summer month. A shorter run is better in the hot weather, and can be done much easier before Lillian wakes up or after she's in bed. My 5.2km route only takes 45 minutes while my big one can be anywhere from 1:25 to 1:50 so it's nice to have a shorter route. I think it will be good for me to have another goal after this race. I was worried that I would start slacking but Cecilia suggested I find another race to sign up for and I'm thinking this one would be a good one since it's right after I get back to work, and I can still do most of my training before I head back to the office.

Time to Waterloo Half-Marathon: 7 days, 13 hours and 7 minutes!


  1. I love how you set goals for yourself like the 1/2 and now looking at a 10km race.

    We have a few 5 or 10km race around here and I am thinking about them.....thinking is as far as I have commitments yet!

  2. Wow, can you even believe it's happening next week?! that's crazy, you're going to rock it - I know it :)

    I'm doing the 10km in May, I'm looking forward to it :) I'll need to do the same and sign up for something after the 10km to keep me motivated.

  3. Great minds think alike. I think I'm all set for this weekend except I have to work on Sat. so working on the race pack pick-up. I'm also setting new goals for 10K races after this one. I'll email you and hopefully we can meet!