Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lovely Weekend.

I had a great weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday with my hubby and little one visiting my mother. She loves spending time with Lillian, and is so good with her. I love watching them together. There is something special about seeing your mom be a grandmother. It's a very touching thing and I love being part of it and I am so happy to see the special bond my daughter is developing with all her grandparents. My family is German and grandparents were an important part of my youth. My husband's grandmother took him to the doctor and music lessons, and was always nearby so he feels the same way. We are making sure that our parents are an important part in our daughter's life.

Today I had a great day. I managed to run my first 21km trek for this month. I did it in 2:59 on the dot and I am thrilled because it means I knocked 11 minutes from my last run. This time I was strollerless but it was still great. I'm also excited because I finally got some new workout gear. I have been running in my old sweatpants and random t-shirts. I went shopping my mom, Lillian and my hubby on Saturday and we went to a bargin shop and I found exactly what I wanted, black capri pants with matching tops. I now have two pairs of black pants, and two tanktops. One has blue and black pants with a blue top, the other is black and purple with a purple top. I wore the blue one today on my run and as funny as it sounds I felt like a real runner.

Now I'm off to rest up a bit since my legs are pretty sore, suprise, suprise!!


  1. Holy Crapola Honey - 21km?! I only dream about running 21 km. 10km is a huge challenge for me right now.

    Congrats - that's such an accomplishment!

  2. Wow great job on the run! I always love new running stuff :)

  3. Wow wee! another great run!!!
    Glad you got new running attire, now you will look the part! lol