Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Adventures!

So here are the funny and/or enjoyable things that happened today, or will be in the short future.

I got to meet my blogging friend Sarah (Back in Step) since she also attended the marathon! She kept me running pretty good at the start which was nice, and just getting to meet someone who you get to share the intimate details and feelings about your life with on a regular basis, was really cool!

I've picked my next 3 races now! I'm going to do the Waterloo Classic (10k) in June, the Laurier Loop (5k) at the start of October and the Horror Hill (15k) at the end of October. It's really exciting that I have picked three races to do. I didn't want to wait until October to run another race, and the 10k in my town in June seems perfect! I'm so excited. I love that I can spend the next two months speed training and then focus on the hills in this area for the 15k in October.

I'm so excited! I have a new adventure planned and that makes me smile!

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