Saturday, April 24, 2010

The race that may not come.

Today we went and picked up our numbers and shirts for the marathon tomorrow. As of this moment we don't know if we are going to run it. My mother was going to come to town tonight to watch our daughter during the race, and my father-in-law and grandmother-in-law were going to come and greet us at the finish line, but now we have told them not to come. I contacted the people in charge of the marathon this morning and learned that if we're running the race and we cannot finish there are volunteers who will drive you back to the finish line so with that knowledge I at least want to try to do it, but since I may get 2km in and have to stop I don't want people to drive 1.5-2 hours to come here for nothing. My girlfriend is going to take my baby for me in the morning, she's even getting up at 6am to do so, and we are going to go the race and do our best.

My friends made me feel good by telling me how much my running has inspired them, but I still felt a bit like a loser for letting a cold beat me and take me out of a race that I have been training for four months to run. The best thing said was from a running friend of mine, and she said "Remember, you're going to be a runner for the rest of your life. Whether or not you run your first half tomorrow or another day won't change that." These words stuck with me all morning and now I feel like I at least want to try. If I can't finish, I can't finish, but maybe, just maybe I will be able to get through the whole thing and even if I'm exausted after imagine how proud I'll feel!

Time remaining to half-marathon: 0 days, 19 hours, 23 minutes.

Wish me luck!


  1. Oh that just sucks....after all the hard training you have done.
    I hope your body decides to get well quickly and you can run. Even if it is at a slow pace...and I will hope there isn't rain because that would just be even more terrible. ((((Hugs))))

  2. I hope you will be able to do the run - I've been following your inspiring blog lately and feel so bad that you got sick before the big race day :( Take good care of yourself!