Monday, May 31, 2010

May 2010 Summary.

I managed to lose and didn't gain weight with my vacation! Woot!

Running wise it was a bit of a slacker month but in my defense I was on vacation for two weeks of it, so that has something to do with it. I ran for a total of 15 hours 49 minutes, of 30 minutes a day and made it 91.8km. Several of those runs were hikes while on vacation so that was nice to have a bit of change to my running. I dropped 3.2lbs which is my lowest so far but I didn't gain on vacation and I couldn't be prouder about that. So now I'm only 20 days away from my first 10km race and I am hoping to make it in under 1:20 and then I'll start training for my October hill run.

It's going to be a GREAT week.

I got a nice morning run in today. I had to smile because I was heading down the end of our street with the stroller and my hubby was in our car driving off to work. I love the fact that he got to see us off on our run. He also said something really nice to me yesterday. I had planned to run but couldn't because I forgot I had to help him put the bird cages back together when he got home from his dad's place. So once we were done that I had to feed the baby and then I ate dinner and then there were Sunday night chores to do, like get the garbage and recycling to the curb, etc... so I told him I wouldn't be running. He told me that's fine because he knows that a day off won't make me quit running. And it's so true. I couldn't run last night so I set up all my stuff so I could run this morning and I did!! This morning's run also had me hit my May running goal. Woot!

So I've thought about my June goals and they are as follows:
  1. Drop 5 lbs
  2. Run for 1500 minutes
  3. Go kickboxing 4 times
  4. Run my 10.6km route in less than 1:20
  5. Run my 10km race in less than 1:20

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I was right.

Carrying Lillian on a Hike in Germany.
So I weighed in on Friday for Weight watchers and went from 161.6 to 160.8 and now today I weighed in for the x-weighted challenge and I'm 159.6lbs. That's quite the difference from Friday but it's okay because I'll see the results next week now that my swelling from the heat has gone away. Thank goodness for that, I hate to have all this humidity. The other nice thing is that I've started to get back on track with my running. I ran 4 days this week after having spent a whole day traveling last Sunday so I'm pleased with myself.  This week I'm going to aim for 5 runs and 1 day kick boxing. I'm hopeful I can make it, even though my hubby is gone today to see his dad and will be coming home late tomorrow. Late meaning after the baby goes to bed, but if I get a morning run in on Monday I should be able to manage everything. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Evening run.

Looking for my Oma's house while jogging up the Schlossberg.
So tonight I left my baby with my honey and went for a run without my beloved jogging stroller. It went pretty well considering how hot it was tonight. I'm still not used to this heat, especially since before we went away it was cold here and on our trip it was cool so the heat kinda came out of no where for me, and I don't like heat on a normal day. I also hate the heat since I'm swelling horribly and am nervous it will hurt my weight tomorrow. But c'est la vie, and if it does hopefully the rain will come soon and next week everything will go back to normal. Have a great night everyone.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First morning run.

So I jumped right onto the early morning run band wagon today. Normally I wouldn't think of that as anything special seeing as I am a morning person, however, last night my beautiful baby girl decided to wake up at 3:45am and not go back to sleep until 5:30am. Then she was back up at 6:30am, but I still did my run. Woot for me! 6.4km in 57 minutes is not to shabby for me either! Lillian also seemed to enjoy the morning run and slept for most of it as is her usual custom.

So now that my running is getting back on track I think I'm due for some new form of exercise. I love running and am getting pretty decent at it, but I think I need to shake things up a bit before I hit a plateau rather than after! The plan? I'm going back to my kickboxing classes. I took them before I got pregnant and loved them and now I hope they will be my strength training. So Monday will be my first class, I plan to stick with the women's only to start. I'm super pumped, though now I have to learn how to tie my wrist wraps again.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Broke 800km!!

I'm back, and ready to rock it! I didn't gain any weight while I was away visiting family, which rocks, but didn't lose any either, so that means I have to work extra hard this week. Though on the bright side I did manage to get some good hikes in during my trip which was great and a lot of fun.

This is crazy. This year I've now broken 800km! I'm super pumped about it but kinda bummed because it's getting so hot right now, 28-30 degrees, and that sucks for me for running. Add in a high UV and I can't run between 11am and 4pm which is exactly when I run 95% of the time. Boo! So now my goal for the next week or two is to try running in the am, heading out between 8 and 9am depending when the baby is fed and ready, or running in the evenings after my hubby takes the baby from 7:30pm until bedtime. I'm really hopeful that one of them works, or both on different days so I can still get in some great runs to train for my 10k in June. I'm not a fan of heat so it's going to be a challenge, but I'm up for it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peace Out.

So I'm leaving shortly (as in an hour) to go away on a short family vacation with my baby and hubby. We'll be visiting my grandparents. Since they are a bit technologically challenged I won't be posting until we return. I'll be back on the Victoria Day Monday, and hopefully will not have gained a bunch of weight! But only time will tell.

Have a great week.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ugh I'm SOOOOOO close!

I've almost managed to hit 800km running this year. Wow! That's CRAZY!! I am leaving for my grandmas in about 48 hours so I'm hopeful that I can run those missing 15.09km in the next two days! It will all come down to what time my hubby comes home on Tuesday so I can run then and on Wednesday how Lillian behaves so I can either take her out in the stroller or run on my treadmill if the weather is no good.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day and Randomness.

First of all, Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies, omas, sisters, and mommies of pets out there! My first mother's day was very special. I treated myself to a hair cut and my husband helped our baby girl make it a special day. I got whole wheat banana blueberry pancakes made for me, and then I was gifted a potted flower for our front porch that my baby picked out and a bottle of latte flavour. I feel really loved today, though the day isn't without it's sad moments. We lost my husband's mother last year, so while it is my first mother's day, it's my hubby's first without his mom. So we celebrated the day for me yesterday and today he went to bring our parrot to his father's house and then went with his dad and brother to buy flowers and bring them to his mom's grave site. Having lost my sister at a young age to a heart condition I understand the pain of losing someone, but I can't even imagine the pain my husband must be feeling right now. I just want to hold him and take all his pain away. The loss is also one of the big reasons I'm so successful in my journey this time. I don't want my baby girl to be without her mom for a long, long time and to do that I need to take better care of myself.

My new modo is "the dishes and laundry will still be there tomorrow, but I will never be able to make up all the runs I've missed". I have learned that my house does not need to be 100% spotless all the time, and I can put things off for a day (today I didn't sweep but I ran for 40 minutes on the treadmill) and take care of it tomorrow. I need to make myself a priority.

This week are are leaving for a vacation to go to Germany to see my grandparents. I'm both excited and nervous. Both my Opas found out last year they have cancer. One is doing well and is cancer free right now, the other isn't and we don't know if he'll still be with us next year so brining Lillian to meet them is very important. I'm nervous about the flight since Lilly has never been in a plane before (please let her sleep through it) and I'm not a huge fan of flying. I never had problems flying when I was younger, but since I got married, and (in my own words) now have something I can't imagine losing I am rather scared of it. But I know we'll be fine, just my stomach is bugging me because that's where fear hits me. But we'll arrive and be safe and I'll have to find a place to run in Germany while visiting my family. Right now I spend most of my worring about whether Lillian's care seat will make it with us there. C'est la vie!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Down 30lbs.

Caution this blog contains a lot of praising myself and being stupidly happy!

Wow! I think the title says it all! When I started loosing weight in January I expected it to take until I went back to work in October, but at the rate I'm going, I'll be done in the summer, providing that I don't lower my goal weight, again. The biggest sense of pride for me right now is that I actually weigh less than my hubby. He's hovering around 166lbs and I'm down to 161.6lbs. It feels really nice to be less than him. I looked over my  losses since the start of this year and I'm really proud of myself. I've lost an average of 1.7lbs a week and only one week did I stay the same and honestly I ate a huge salty meal the night before weigh in and the week after lost over 4lbs so I know the salt had me retain water. And no I wasn't rounding in April, I actually had four weigh ins where I was on a whole pound. I was starting to think my scale might be broken. I feel really proud that I've managed to drop 30lbs, and not just because it's more than double my baby's weight. I feel good because I've tried to loose weight before and it didn't take and I'd loose interest around getting into the 170s and this time I smashed through all my usual barriers and plateaus and have just been dropping the weight like crazy. I think I'm blessed to be doing this in my twenties and having a baby who's still nursing and helping to suck the fat out of me. Now I just hope the weight comes off this easy for all my babies and I'll be a really happy mama!

My 2010 Weight Loss Stats:

Jan 1: 192lbs
Jan 8: 189.8lbs (-2.2)
Jan 15: 187lbs (-2.8)
Jan 22: 187lbs (0 - ate a huge meal the night before though)
Jan 29: 182.8lbs (-4.2)
Feb 5: 181lbs (-1.8)
Feb 12: 180.4lbs (-0.6)
Feb 19: 179lbs (-1.4)
Feb 26: 176.2lbs (-2.8)
Mar 5: 174.4lbs (-1.8)
Mar 12: 172.8lbs (-1.6)
Mar 19: 172.4lbs (-0.4)
Mar 26: 171.8lbs (-0.6)
Apr 2: 169lbs (-2.8)
Apr 9: 167lbs (-2)
Apr 16: 166lbs (-1)
Apr 23: 164lbs (-2)
Apr 30: 163lbs (-1)
May 7: 161.6 (-1.4)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is wrong with me?

So I've noticed for the last few months that I seem to have a real issue with my goals I set for myself. Now it isn't what you might think (especially since I didn't hit my time goal for April). I must have an issue with failure since I just keep aiming so low and sometimes crushing the goals. I wanted to hit 1000 minutes and I'm already over 200 and I wanted to get my 5km under 40 minutes and today I ran 5.2km in 39:11 or 37:40 for 5km. I ran on my treadmill yesterday and hit 5km at 37:11 so running with just me and my pup today outside was truly a record. But what does that say about my belief in myself when I hit my May goal on May 6th? I mean I understand that you can't hit all your goals since they are something you are striving for, and I don't get upset if I can't hit a goal. I guess I just don't like failing, otherwise why would I set my goal so low? I don't know.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that I hit my May goal and more so that I just managed to run 5km in under 40 minutes but part of me is wondering why I sell myself short. I'm proud of myself, even conceded at times, but I seem to be selling myself a bit short as of late and I'm not sure why. Well here's hoping that my June goals are a bit more of a challenge and that I work hard and kick butt for my June 10k.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Got my Run on.

So I finished my half marathon 10 days ago and you know what, I'm still running. I've heard it takes six weeks to make something a habit and at this point it seems like I am very much a running adict. I ran while visiting my mom, I ran on Sunday on our treadmill, I ran Monday outside and today on my treadmill. Sure it's only 4/10 days but I had to take two days off after my half-marathon so it actually is 4/8 which isn't bad considering I'm preparing for a trip and taking care of my monkey moo.

So I am now preparing for our trip. It will be loads of fun but stressful since we've never taken Lillian on a plane. It'll also be a new place for her without her routine and the time difference won't be much fun. But in the end having her meet her great-grandparents will make it all worth while.

For everyone who wants to know, Lillian has broken the 14lbs mark by our home scale and I couldn't be more thrilled. Our doctor said by her 9 month appointment in the middle of July she should be about 16lbs so she is well on her way. I'm now not stressing about if she's eating enough and am letting her tell me more when she wants to eat. She's also eating real food now which makes things more fun and gives me options when she doesn't want milk.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cross Training got me a Garden.

So my knee got a bit sore yesterday so I decided to take it easy today. For me taking it easy meant four hours of gardening instead of 45 minutes running. Some how I don't think this was taking it easy. Oh well, I got a garden out of it! I've been meaning to make a garden for a few years but it took me until now to do it. This will be great for my weight loss since I'll not only have loads of healthy veggies growing in my back yard but also I'll have to weed the garden too, so there's some extra exercise. A strange thing happened to me while I was working on my garden though. I found a nest of baby mice in my compost bin, so now my garden doesn't have a lot of compost in it since I had to close up the bin and not disturb the babies anymore than I did. I'm hopeful that the mother will still take them and that I can get some more compost in a few weeks after they grow up and move on. They were pretty cute though!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to the Real World.

So we're back at home and back to the real world. That means cooking, cleaning, dog walking, grocery shopping, chores, and yes running. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning while my hubby took our daughter to visit his family. They had a blast, and I spent the day cleaning. I was getting tired and had to make a choice between mowing my lawn and running, and I told myself that the lawn will still need to be mowed tomorrow, but I can never get back that run I missed because the day is over. I ended up getting both in since the rain held out here, but I felt great about my attitude.

I started my speed training yesterday for my 10k. I ran for 40 minutes and did a 5 minute warm up and cool down, and then 12 sets of 65/85 seconds where I ran 6.5 miles/hr for 65 seconds and then 4 miles/hr for 85 seconds. I felt really drained at the end but in a good way. I felt pretty good and actually did run 5k in less than 40 minutes which was my goal for May, but I'm aiming to do that outside not on the treadmill since it always goes easier on the treadmill. Hopefully I'll get another run in today but it all depends on the weather. I hate hot weather so if it's muggy and hot I won't run because I HATE running in heat. I HATE going out in the heat in general! Here's hoping for a nice breeze.