Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cross Training got me a Garden.

So my knee got a bit sore yesterday so I decided to take it easy today. For me taking it easy meant four hours of gardening instead of 45 minutes running. Some how I don't think this was taking it easy. Oh well, I got a garden out of it! I've been meaning to make a garden for a few years but it took me until now to do it. This will be great for my weight loss since I'll not only have loads of healthy veggies growing in my back yard but also I'll have to weed the garden too, so there's some extra exercise. A strange thing happened to me while I was working on my garden though. I found a nest of baby mice in my compost bin, so now my garden doesn't have a lot of compost in it since I had to close up the bin and not disturb the babies anymore than I did. I'm hopeful that the mother will still take them and that I can get some more compost in a few weeks after they grow up and move on. They were pretty cute though!


  1. Cute to look at but they give me the willies!!!

    Funny how something so small can make me run for the nearest high place!

  2. I once caught a mouse under a bowl. My mom didn't believe me and then the bowl moved. We let my step-dad take over from there.

  3. wow i thought you were going to say you couldn't use the compost because you had to pour a gallon of bleach in it to kill the mice. My bad!
    good for you for getting your garden done. I haven't touched mine.