Friday, May 7, 2010

Down 30lbs.

Caution this blog contains a lot of praising myself and being stupidly happy!

Wow! I think the title says it all! When I started loosing weight in January I expected it to take until I went back to work in October, but at the rate I'm going, I'll be done in the summer, providing that I don't lower my goal weight, again. The biggest sense of pride for me right now is that I actually weigh less than my hubby. He's hovering around 166lbs and I'm down to 161.6lbs. It feels really nice to be less than him. I looked over my  losses since the start of this year and I'm really proud of myself. I've lost an average of 1.7lbs a week and only one week did I stay the same and honestly I ate a huge salty meal the night before weigh in and the week after lost over 4lbs so I know the salt had me retain water. And no I wasn't rounding in April, I actually had four weigh ins where I was on a whole pound. I was starting to think my scale might be broken. I feel really proud that I've managed to drop 30lbs, and not just because it's more than double my baby's weight. I feel good because I've tried to loose weight before and it didn't take and I'd loose interest around getting into the 170s and this time I smashed through all my usual barriers and plateaus and have just been dropping the weight like crazy. I think I'm blessed to be doing this in my twenties and having a baby who's still nursing and helping to suck the fat out of me. Now I just hope the weight comes off this easy for all my babies and I'll be a really happy mama!

My 2010 Weight Loss Stats:

Jan 1: 192lbs
Jan 8: 189.8lbs (-2.2)
Jan 15: 187lbs (-2.8)
Jan 22: 187lbs (0 - ate a huge meal the night before though)
Jan 29: 182.8lbs (-4.2)
Feb 5: 181lbs (-1.8)
Feb 12: 180.4lbs (-0.6)
Feb 19: 179lbs (-1.4)
Feb 26: 176.2lbs (-2.8)
Mar 5: 174.4lbs (-1.8)
Mar 12: 172.8lbs (-1.6)
Mar 19: 172.4lbs (-0.4)
Mar 26: 171.8lbs (-0.6)
Apr 2: 169lbs (-2.8)
Apr 9: 167lbs (-2)
Apr 16: 166lbs (-1)
Apr 23: 164lbs (-2)
Apr 30: 163lbs (-1)
May 7: 161.6 (-1.4)


  1. You certainly are doing amazing!!!
    Big pat on the back required!!!

  2. Great job Alice! It's amazing that you have been able to be so consistent with your losses. You should be very proud of yourself and all the work that you've done :)