Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Got my Run on.

So I finished my half marathon 10 days ago and you know what, I'm still running. I've heard it takes six weeks to make something a habit and at this point it seems like I am very much a running adict. I ran while visiting my mom, I ran on Sunday on our treadmill, I ran Monday outside and today on my treadmill. Sure it's only 4/10 days but I had to take two days off after my half-marathon so it actually is 4/8 which isn't bad considering I'm preparing for a trip and taking care of my monkey moo.

So I am now preparing for our trip. It will be loads of fun but stressful since we've never taken Lillian on a plane. It'll also be a new place for her without her routine and the time difference won't be much fun. But in the end having her meet her great-grandparents will make it all worth while.

For everyone who wants to know, Lillian has broken the 14lbs mark by our home scale and I couldn't be more thrilled. Our doctor said by her 9 month appointment in the middle of July she should be about 16lbs so she is well on her way. I'm now not stressing about if she's eating enough and am letting her tell me more when she wants to eat. She's also eating real food now which makes things more fun and gives me options when she doesn't want milk.

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